"Thanks to you I've finally got it together. I'm still a little bent but definitely NOT BROKEN. Thank you, thank you."

Rae Anne


"It is compelling and real. You want to keep listening because it makes you feel less alone."

Brittany A


"I am overjoyed to have found Not Broken Radio. I am only just beginning to understand (and share) my struggle with mental health issues, and listening to your show is like listening to someone tell the secrets of my soul. It is healing to know I am far from alone and reminds me that I don't have to hide who I am."

Ellie T


"I listened to some episodes after a friend suggested it. Your show's mission is extremely important. Direct and frank talk to break the cycle of shame. I love it."

Jonice W


"Just found Not Broken Radio via Anxiety UK, I've been on the website for a couple of hours already listening to the episodes! Fantastic stuff, keep up the great work!

Paddy O


"I enjoy the casual nature and raw candor on the subject. I also believe the more we bring awareness the more we can help improve the stigma surrounding Mental Health Issues." 

Kristi M


"It touches upon content that people aren't comfortable talking about but it's the unspoken truth coming through different personalities engaging broad demographics from youth to adult realities. No one is immune from the 'being human' bug. Empowerment and healing begins through learning."

Sasha L


"I just watched the listened to the last episode of the show and also finished the TV show. FANTASTIC MESSAGE! I love what you're doing. We share a lot of the same viewpoints! 

Tony J


"As someone who has been diagnosed with bipolar and psychotic episodes, I really appreciate your website and and your blog and podcasts. They have really helped me to not only understand my illness but to move forward and not backwards in my treatment. Thank you for your commitment to bringing mental illness to the forefront. Keep up the great work!"

David P


"Love the realness. Nothing sugar coated."

Lashtona E


"Having dealt with depression and other issues several years ago, it was a real pleasant shock and surprise to find your site. I have an outdoor adventures blog and have written several entries dealing with the benefits of being outdoors(hiking, canoe/kayaking) has when dealing with mental issues, including the stigma that is out there of mental health concerns. Between my day job, going on outdoor adventures and writing, I'm trying to find time to listen to your previous radio broadcasts. Getting there though. Thanks for your work."

Glen M


"It is so great that there is a show dedicated to this topic. Thank you for doing this!"

Lauren T


"My depression was initially diagnosed as "adjustment disorder with depressed mood".  I wondered at the time if it was a ploy by the VA to avoid diagnosing a disorder that might cost the VA more to treat.  The psychologist told me I had PTSD symptoms, but not enough to meet diagnostic criteria, as I was still functional.    Given the stigma I had internalized against mental disorder at the time, I was only too happy to reassure myself that I didn't meet criteria for PTSD.  Fast forward however many months, function declined, and I was diagnosed with both MDD and PTSD.  I guess my latest struggle has been with how to integrate these diagnoses into my self-concept in a positive manner.  Facebook happened to recommend Not Broken Radio, Brett Francis to me.  Having listened to a handful of episodes now, I'm becoming more and more a fan.  As the host, Brett Francis says in many episodes, "you're not broken and you don't need to be fixed."

Matthew B



"As someone who deals with mental health issues, it is always comforting to me to know that I'm not the only one out there who struggles with these things. I try very hard to convey that message through my own advocacy works, so I can fully recognize and appreciate Not Broken radio for what it is. Not only does the show highlight these issues and how others fair with them, but it also presents professional information that helps me realize in those dark times that these are real, legitimate issues and I'm not simply "crazy." 

Allen M


"I think it's very well done and it is well aligned with my values--it is both educational and supportive!"

Al L


"Truly inspiring interviews, especially the Suicidal lady in the end. I myself struggle with bp & depression, anxiety, ptsd from a house fire, and thyroid issues, my favorite trigeminal neuralgia! All seem to be comorbid conditions, plus oh yeah, mental pause, (menopause). Of all, TN, chronic pain, makes me very empathetic to my own detriment. I also have issues with time.~wow! ~ & yes, I work when I am able. Love it!!! Very inspiring and uplifting! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do!"

Jenny P


"The first podcast I have ever listened to was "Not Broken Radio". I read enough to be intrigued, that is usually enough, to listen to the "Hypochondria/Health Anxiety Podcast". The sound was clear, the pace was perfect to keep interest, Ms. Francis and her guests filled a large void of information regarding the topic. I too, am an advocate and have been a speaker at C.I.T (Crisis Intervention Training) and for local college students. There is more and mostly with NAMI (National Alliance Mental Illness) here in Florida. Also diagnosed Major Depressive Disorder and learning each day how to maintain a stable mood and functionality. I will be back to listen to other podcasts and may tune in for a live broadcast. Keep up the great work."

Mike M


"I just wanted to share how Brett, her TV and radio show helped me not only understand what both of my children went, and continue to go through, but also that you helped me realize what I have gone through in my life.  Your shows helped me open my eyes realizing that mental issues can happen to anyone.  I have always considered myself one of the strongest people I know, and there has been issues that have brought me to my knees, and it would have been much easier dealing with that knowing then what I know now.  Thanks for helping me open my eyes to mental issues, and increase my level awareness of both myself and others around me."

Teresa R


"Not Broken Radio is a great way to hear stories about others who are dealing with mental health barriers.  Not Broken Radio has helped in several different ways.  It has taught me that I am not the only one who struggles with a mental health barrier.  It has shown me that there are many different ways to help one cope with their Mental Health barrier and that what works for on person may not work for another.  It may take several attempts for one to find what works for them but to never give up trying.  I have also found that there are in fact places you can go if you have a mental health barrier.  There may not be many but they are out there and Not Broken Radio has helped inform me of that.  Not Broken Radio has helped me feel more comfortable with my Mental Health and to embrace it. Not Broken Radio is also a great way to talk about your own mental health while still keeping remaining anonymous. I have Mental Health Barriers And that makes me amazing."

Bayleigh N


"I love it. It's bringing a lot of truth to the mental health/recovery community. It is also de-stigmatizing mental health disorders, which is what we need to bridge the gap in our society."

Tee K

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