Not Broken®: How to overcome mental health challenges and unlock your full potential

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Turn your Challenges into Superpowers

Do you feel broken, or know someone who does? Do you fight against the stigma or challenges of mental health and disabilities?

Everyone has challenges .... but some people have more than others. Brett Francis knows this from personal experience. Some of the challenges that have made Brett a stronger person include Tourette’s syndrome, ADHD, childhood bullying, anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, an abusive relationship, a miscarriage and depression.  

When you read this inspiring book, you’ll learn that having a mental health challenge or disability does not mean that you are broken. In Not Broken, Brett tells her powerful story and reveals the tools she has used to transform her challenges into strengths.

This book is the key to unlock your full potential. You can learn to love yourself and feel confident just by being you! You’ll also gain insights to help you support and have the best possible relationship with a loved one who is struggling.

Brett Francis is a bestselling author, speaker and passionate advocate for people with mental health challenges or disabilities. Her mission is to educate individuals and society at large about mental health, and why having mental health issues or a family member with them is a lot more normal than most people think. Brett’s Not Broken® Radio show is heard on hundreds of stations throughout the globe and she hosts the TV series Breaking The Barriers. Brett is endorsed by Mental Health America, the Canadian Mental Health Association and Mental Health Commission of Australia. Learn more at

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